Other Spiritual Opportunities

Mondays        10:00 am   Rosary               Sun Valley II  Oconto    

                     10:30 am   Communion  Okato Manor Oconto                                        

                      6:30 pm   Rosary               St. Anthony    Oconto Falls

Wednesdays    2:00 pm   Rosary   (2nd Wednesday)     Atrium Care  Oconto Falls

                      11:00 AM  Communion (3rd Wednesday) Atrium Care Oconto Falls

Fridays           10:30 am  Communion (1st, 3rd, 4th & 5th Fridays)  Woodlands Oconto

                      8:30-9 am Confession             Holy Trinity      Oconto

                      8:30-9 am Adoration               Holy Trinity     Oconto 

                      10:00 am  Rosary                   Woodlands  Oconto

 First Friday of each month-  Adoration and Prayer

                      3:00 pm- 4:00 pm                Holy Trinity

Second Monday of each month- Adoration and Prayer

                       9:45 am                              St. Anthony            

Second Thursday of each Month

                      7:00 pm   Adoration               St. Patrick                 

First & Third Sunday of each Month

                       7:00 pm    Prayer & Praise    St. Patrick Hall

The evening begins with praise music and follows with studying the scriptures and offerings of prayer intentions of our parish families and world. Bring a friend, your bible and enjoy the fellowship of our parish community