Stewardship of Time

  • Pray, smile, spend time with loved ones or ones who are aren't loved, volunteer at Bread By the Bay Pantry, volunteer at a Holy Trinity event, visit someone who doesn't get out much, make the effort to attend weddings, baptisms, first communions, funerals, confirmations, funerals, hand write thank you cards, spend time reading the Word of God

Stewardship of Talent

  • Sharing your talents that you received from God, such as musician, teacher, babysitter, listener, artist, computer knowledge, gardening, mechanic things, organizational skills - make a list and share your talents with Holy Trinity or your community

Stewardship of Faith

  • Read of Sacred Scripture to light up your mind, body, and spirit on a daily basis, attend a bible study or start one up, read the bible to children, truly hear God's word at Mass, share your faith to others, ask someone to attend Sunday Mass with you, receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation - often

Stewardship of Treasure

  • Understand that God wants you, share joyfully from your heart, your treasure here on earth is a gift from God, share that gift with those who are hungry, lonely, homeless, in prison, sick, give with sacrifice, consider one less movie, one less dinner out, one less new outfit, pray about it

Stewardship of Family

  • Focus on God's most precious gift, your family, let them know you love them, give your family uninterrupted time, read together, play together, pray together, listen attentively, thank God for them often throughout the day, get to know your church family, attend church functions, join a ministry

Stewardship of Prayer

  • Open your bible, stop throughout the day and thank God for your blessings, pray for those less fortunate, attend Stations of the Cross, spend time in Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, say before and after meal prayers and teach them to children, pray for forgiveness, join our prayer chain, say the rosary, recite the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, teach faith formation